Business Strategy

Developing a business strategy is the first thing to do to make sure that your business stays on course.  It’s critical to have a plan for using limited resources.  There is nothing more worthwhile you can invest your time into as a business owner.

3 Business Strategy Tips

1. Take stock of your assets
What do you have to work with that you can get more use of capital out of and improve your Return on Investment? Are there physical or online assets that can be leveraged to provide more value to your customers and generate more revenue?

2. Convert expenses to income streams
What are your expenses?  How can you convert expenses into something that generates revenue? For example, are there activities your employees perform that they can also do for your customers for a fee?  Are there websites that you can monetize so that they pay for themselves?

3. Growth and Focus Opportunities
What resources are required and is the return on the investment of time, energy and resources paying off?  If you remove those things, will they enable you to focus more resources on things that pay bigger returns?  What activities should be removed and what should be increased to more returns?

There are a lot of elements to evaluate profitability and strategy to maximize it.  Come back for more insight on how you can use technology and computing to improve your business growth trajectory.